Julie Malmstrøm Media

Why do I do what I do? 

I appreciate my days more, when I know the answer to this question. Here are a few thoughts on how I grew my passions and what my mission in life is. 

*    *    *


"Music is the way I breathe." 

I grew up with music. I played the piano and wrote songs at home and attended a music high school. Festivals, plays, performances and concerts were a big part of my teenage years, especially at the annual Roskilde Festival. During my adulthood, I have built a passion to disseminate creative/artistic projects. I love how they have the ability to amaze and open our eyes to see things from new perspectives. 


"There is no planet B, so be the change you wish to see." 

As a teenage scout I hiked through the woods. My mother taught me to notice the beauty in tree tops and flowers. Through the years I've gathered knowledge about the environmental issues which drove me to change my own life to be more conscious about my own consumption. Documenting and spreading information on sustainability and green alternatives in an interesting way has become my mission. 


"Keep calm and film on."

Growing up I would borrow my step dad's camera and take pictures of friends and family, and I loved sharing these caught moments with them. As I got older I found pleasure in documenting live performance, and catching these unique artistic moments. To help customers disseminate the essence of their cultural and green projects through audio and visuals, is what drives me to work. I simply love these collaborations. 

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