Julie Malmstrøm Media


Masters in Film and Media from Copenhagen University 2010-16.

Specialization in: Cross media communication

I self educate myself by asking questions, attending events, networking and reading articles/books about sustainability, the consumer society, money, minimalism, personal development/growth and music.


  • Performance (singer, music performance, song writing, poetry readings)
  • Video production (events, concerts, dissemination, trailers, interviews)
  • Speaker (on screen, workshops and on stage experience on explaining sustainability & minimalism)
  • Portrait photography (headshots, artist promotion, documentation)
  • Design (simple posters, flyers and graphic design)
  • Media consulting (helping artists show their style through online media)


  • Public speaker on sustainability and green blogger:

    I run a workshop room called WØRKSHOP (Facebook, Instagram), where I and others make workshops, talks and courses on sustainable subjects like fermentation, repairing clothes, zero waste, natural cleaning supplies, climate friendly gardens etc.

    Through the media channel Crazy Conscious I share tips and knowledge about sustainability and minimalism. I also do workshops and talks on subjects like: zero waste, food, clothes & minimalism.

  • Social media consultant and content production with artists and projects:

    Camilla Marienhof Productions e.g. "ALT for verden" where we created fun videos supporting her theatre about trying to live a responsible sustainable life despite daily challenges.

    Min Kalv - an organic farmer where I produced a video, photos and website feedback.

    LØS market - I help share photos and info about news and info about zero waste groceries at the store.
  • Speaker at events:

    Food Waste Discussion, Sustainable Festival, Wefood opening event, Arla Food Festival, Mentor International, Share an Interest, WØRKSHOP, and Sustainable Standup.
  • Culture dissemination projects with KulturCosmos, Sangens Hus (e.g. 10 videos for Sangglad), Roskilde Synger, Poetry Slam Workshop, and Spil Dansk Ugen and for The Emergency Aid Orchestra (Nødhjælpsorkesteret) (Video and photo)
  • Photo portraits for Vivobarefoot, Ensemble Cheron and private people (view Portraits)
  • Dance video of Anne Tølbøll and of Minh Thai 2013 and “Love Is” for 4 dancers at Dansekapellet, Copenhagen 2012 and Dance documentary: “The Potential of Dance” 2013

  • Scientific video production for Studying Obesity, Copenhagen University 2014

  • Festival documentation of Young Choreographers 2015 by HAUT, Roskilde Festival (e.g. instagram photographer in 2014 + 2015 and videos in 2012: Tattoo, Heads Up, Hashtag) and Copenhagen Art Festival 2012 (e.g. Orange, Tree, Umbrella, Books)

  • Product video for Radicle Farm: Radicle Salad, don Felice and HoldTheFruit

  • Architecture video & photo production for Great Spaces TV: "8 House trailer" 2015-2016

  • Conference documentation and interviews (video, photo and audio): Energiforum Danmark's Conference 2016-2018, EUSBSR, Global Green Growth Forum, Fish Fashion, The Bridge Summit 2016-2017, CTS Conference 2017, Facebook Office Launch conference 2018.
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