Julie Malmstrøm Media


Masters in Film and Media from Copenhagen University 2010-16.

Specialization in: Cross media communication

Self education:
I continously learn/self educate by asking questions, researching topics, attending events, networking and reading articles/books about subjects like: sustainability, the consumer society, the money system, minimalism, personal development/growth and music.


  • Performance (singer, music performance, song writing, poetry readings)
  • Video production (events, concerts, dissemination, trailers, interviews)
  • Speaker (on screen, workshops and on stage experience on explaining sustainability & minimalism)
  • Portrait photography (headshots, artist promotion, documentation)
  • Design (simple posters, flyers and some graphic design)
  • Media consulting (helping artists show their style through online media)




I perform as a singer-songwriter: Julie Sunflower (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube).

I perform and write happy songs about sustainability: Økobandet "The Eco Band (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube) at events, festivals etc. Book: okobandet@gmail.com.


I have been producing an online sewing course in Danish called "Den grønne tråd". The first two courses are available. 

I held sewing workshops at Sydhavn Genbrugscenter in 2020+2021. 

In 2019 I ran a workshop room called WØRKSHOP (Facebook, Instagram) in the back room of the Copenhagen zero waste grocery store in Nørrebro: LØS market. We held workshops and talks on: sewing, the world and us, zero waste cleaning products, fermenting vegetables, and sustainable Christmas workshop. 

Through the media channel Crazy Conscious I share tips and knowledge about sustainability and minimalism. 

I have been a public speaker at the following events: Food Waste Discussion, Sustainable Festival, Wefood opening event, Arla Food Festival, Mentor International, Share an Interest, WØRKSHOP, and Sustainable Standup. 





Since 2011 I have worked with mixed media production for clients within the fields of music and sustainability.

Concert video production for classical music/choirs/percussion/bands: 

OUR Recordings (e.g. Moonchild's Dream), Ars Nova Copenhagen (e.g. Miserere), Theatre of Voices, Nordic Choir Expedition, DR Vocal Ensemble, Gert Mortensen/ArtBeat (e.g. First Construction (in Metal)), Ann Bond feat. Luther & The Missing Lynx (e.g. How Big Can You Get) and Mother Lewinsky 2012 + 2013.

Helping sustainable food projects with photos and video production:

 Min Kalv - an organic farmer where I produced a video, photos and website feedback.
 LØS market - In 2018-2019 I helped LØS market with photography for social media, video production and news info on their zero waste groceries at the store.
Københavns Fødevarefællesskab - I have helped produce a few videos over the years.

Helping artists with online content and platforms: 

Camilla Marienhof Productions: videos, poster, photos for "ALT for verden"
Martin Roy Wade: video production
Meire Santos: dance videos, photos and website

Culture dissemination projects: 

KulturCosmos, Sangens Hus (e.g. 10 videos for Sangglad)
Roskilde Synger
Poetry Slam Workshop
Spil Dansk Ugen
NødhjælpsorkesteretVideo and photo

Photo portraits

Ensemble Cheron
Alexander Kraglund + ensembles
See photos on the photography page

Music video production 

Songs for Iris 2011-2015: Homeless, Less Hollow, Valleys over Mountains, Dreaming Wild Tornados & Make Me Feel Good
Olivia Axel a.k..a. Ofelia 2014: “Good to Know” & “Pull the Curtain
Økobandet 2018-2021
Julie Sunflower 2018-2021

Creative/Short film production

A Shoe Story” 2014 (written by Sofie Boysen) and Hula Hoop video for Leah Lynch 2014, “Fear of Loneliness” 2013 and “Outside the Closed Window” about Thorvald Kølle (co-produced with Demetrius Freeman) 2011

Dance video of Meire SantosAnne Tølbøll and of Minh Thai 2013 and “Love Is” for 4 dancers at Dansekapellet, Copenhagen 2012 and Dance documentary: “The Potential of Dance” 2013

Scientific video production for Studying Obesity, Copenhagen University 2014

Festival documentation 

Young Choreographers 2015 by HAUT
Roskilde Festival (e.g. instagram photographer in 2014 + 2015 and videos in 2012: Tattoo, Heads Up, Hashtag)
Copenhagen Art Festival 2012 (e.g. Orange, Tree, Umbrella, Books)

Product videos

 Radicle Salad, don Felice and HoldTheFruit

Architecture video & photo production 

Great Spaces TV: "8 House trailer" 2015-2016

Conference documentation and interviews (video, photo and audio):

Energiforum Danmark's Conference 2016-2020
Global Green Growth Forum
Fish Fashion
The Bridge Summit 2016-2017
 CTS Conference 2017
Facebook Office Launch conference 2018

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