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Julie Sunflower

Lyrics: I love it when it's warm and sunny and when it's pouring down. I love it when it's spring at last and when all the leaves are brown. I love it when it's quiet and when it's roaring thunder - I love all types of weather. I love it when it's minor chords or when it is in major. I love it when it's rock or pop or it's got a jazzy flavor. I love it when it's fast ectric or slow relaxing tunes - I love all types of music. I love it when his hair is blond or when it's black and curly. I love it when he's got some style or when he's a little nerdy. I love it when he's shy or when he's strong and confident - I love all types of guys. But I only love, yes I only love - I only love one type of breakfast.

Lyrics "Cold and Worn": It's not a coincidense that I found you in the trash - she was discontent. So I think it is quite OK that I take you home with me today. Did you ever feel like you were meant to be with somebody like me? Then I promise you I'll recipocate. I found you in the dark - all cold and worn. I thought that you were lost - all cold and worn. But all I saw was your potential - full of life and warmth. So how about we go make each other happy? I won't expect too much from you - I know you need to heal. But still I'd appreciate if you told me if you feel the way I feel. Or perhaps you never thought of me that way, and that's quite OK. But just wait four days to tell me that.  I found you... I wanna be with you. Want to find out if you feel the way I do. I wanna hold on to you but don't want to. Be the one who holds you down. Would you be willing to be in my building? Hopefully you feel this way. I never wanna be the one who decides to break your heart again, no. I found you... 

Lyrics "Break Free":Have you ever felt like something simply wasn't right? That you were there for them and helping but neglecting yourself?And perhaps you feel like you owe it to them. Even though you know your dreams are left on a shelf? Then break free, don’t lose yourself. Break free, don’t lose yourself. I never thought I’d be reflecting on whether what I do is right or wrong. ‘Cause good intentions and reliance was what would bring me home. But instead I’m feeling trapped and bound by you holding on. So from now on I’ll set boundaries and be strong. And be free, I’ll be myself. I’ll be free, I’ll be myself.

I have created songs since I remember I could talk. Little melodies... Shorts songs.. Then from age 13 I started writing songs down with verses and choruses - they were mostly in English. It's been my favorite way to feel happy and to share music ever since. 

Finding a way through a struggle is sometimes easier through songwriting because you're forced to get feelings down on paper in a way where you're a better person in the last line than in the first line. 

Jeg smiler til dig liv

"I smile to you, life" - I always try to have a positive and hopeful vibe in my songs, which I guess resonates with my effort to try to be a good person. To myself and to others. 

"Will somebody tell me what is going on with me? I feel like I'm beating with a heart that doesn't even belong to me." 

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