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Do you need visuals or audio to share your your artistic or cultural project? I help musicians and people working on sustainability (and other fields) share their work through videos, photos, audio/podcasts, text/posts, and sometimes by designing printed media like posters and flyers. I usually work in the Copenhagen area. But first and foremost - I'm a videographer.

Examples are: concert video, interview videos, conference documentation, photo portraits, brand/product video trailers, music video production, dance video production, social media posts, festival dissemination, etc.


Clear communication

I am good at diving into the agenda of an organization/company or project and help create videos and photos that fit the right audience.

What is the project/event about?
What do you need? Photo or video?
What needs to be explained?
Who needs to understand it?
What is the style/feel and energy of the project?

Together we will find the best way to communicate your project. I am good at talking with people, understanding the subject and helping you with interview questions etc.

Let's talk (+45 28189261) and see what we can do together!





Prices vary from project to project, but here is an estimate of the costs.

Don't hesitate to write me with your budget, and we'll see what we can do.


I am currently doing consulting meetings at 650kr/hour (incl. VAT/moms)


Contact me for prices on tlf +45 28 18 92 61 or juliemalmstroem@gmail.com


I have produced many concerts and long performances, and it is hard to estimate the price for this since every project has individual needs. Here are some different estimates to explain the variety:

Filming for one hour with 2 angles (1 wide & 1 closeup) and handing over unedited video files:

700 DKR (incl. moms/VAT)

Filming an 1-1,5 hour concert with 2-3 angles, editing the content with simple texts:

7.000-10.000 DKR (depending on percentage of concert that needs edited, incl. moms/VAT).

Filming an 1-1,5 hour concert video with 5 camera angles including intro text:

10.000-15.000 DKR (depending on percentage of concert footage that needs edited, incl. moms/VAT)

Package for an event/conference incl. documentation (1-2 conference days with video, photo and audio recording) and thereafter editing e.g. 1 summary/promotional video, 3-5 interview videos, audio edited into podcast and editing photos:

20.000-40.000 DKR (depending on your needs, incl. moms/VAT).

Contact me if you need to have a performance/event/conference documented. Then I will try to give a price estimate that fits your needs.


I love helping costumers with different photography projects. I keep a fun, light and focused atmosphere during shoots, so there is room for creativity, simplicity and beauty. I mostly use natural light sources, but I also like to play with more filling light from a flash, or dramatic/creative solutions. It is all a matter of how the artist/project needs to be portrayed.

Project examples are:

- Portraits with bloggers showing outfits or personality
- Music/band/dancer portraits for CD covers or social media
- Product photos and modeling shoots
- Photo session to grasp the style and personality in an artist's work
- ID photos and personal portraits

Following prices are incl. basic photo editing: spot removal if needed, contrast, exposure, color feel etc.:

Simple portrait at one location in CPH (1 hour photoshoot):

1.000-1.250 Dkr (incl. VAT/moms)

Multiple setups in one location (2-4 hours):

2.000-4.000 DKR (incl. VAT/moms)

Multiple styles in different locations (3-5 hours), e.g. 2-3 places around CPH:

3.000-5.000 DKR (incl. VAT/moms)

Multiple styles in different locations incl. simple portrait (6-8 hours):

5.000-7.000 (incl. VAT/moms)

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